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How to help your patients quit smoking for good!
(Presentation for health care professionals)

This presentation covers: demographics of smoking, health consequences of smoking, understanding smoking addiction, withdrawal, different types of smokers, brief and comprehensive methods of quitting (public health models, clinical models, alternative treatment models, and FDA approved medications).

What drives us to smoke: Marketing the cigarette: from ads to addiction
(Presentation for the general public)

This presentation uses ads displayed in the exhibit: Not a Cough in a
—Images from the Tobacco Industry Campaign to Hide the Hazards of Smoking (Stanford University). These actual early ads, dating from the 1930's-1950's, were created with great artistic and strategic marketing skill. The presentation shows how the ads reassure smokers concerned about their health. It also analyzes how the reasons offered for smoking in the ads are later incorporated as rationalizations and cognitive beliefs which interfere with quitting. These ads help illuminate the widespread acceptance of smoking and help explain the cultural mythology which continues to surround addiction to tobacco.

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