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Smoke Free in 30 Days

The Painless, Permanent Way to Quit

Published by Souvenir Press on 20 May, price £10.00

Smoke-Free in 30 Days
               UK Edition

Why do so many people who try to quit smoking fail?

In my view, too many people are trying to break free from their addiction to smoking by taking an either/or approach. Either they rely only on medication, or only on willpower. On the one hand, some smokers take a stop-smoking medication to ease their physical withdrawal. But if they don't also get the proper guidance about how the medication works and how to use it, and get the support they need, they are not likely to use it effectively.

On the other hand, smokers who want to rely on willpower alone, but who cannot quit, miss out on the potential benefits that medical aids offer them in making stopping smoking as pain-free and successful as possible.

How can the SMOKE FREE IN 30 DAYS programme help?

Quitting is a challenge, and the process can be confusing, overwhelming, and often frustrating. SMOKE FREE IN 30 DAYS, combines proven psychological techniques with, for those who need or want it, recommended medication such as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to provide the best available help. This approach is based on over twenty years of first-hand experience helping all kinds of smokers in a variety of settings including NewYork hospital and Columbia University Medical Center as well as in community-based clinics, corporations, and in my own practice.

How does the book deal with the emotional dependency on smoking?

The SMOKE FREE IN 30 DAYS programme provides proven strategies to prevent relapses, and focuses on the efforts readers can make so that stopping smoking is as easy and successful as possible.

SMOKE FREE IN 30 DAYS acknowledges that quitting in the short-term and quitting over the long-term are two different problems. For some smokers, learning to cope in new and healthy ways with mood and life problems is crucial to a positive long-term outcome. Many smokers, upon reflection, easily recognize that smoking can't and doesn't help us deal with the things we need to do in our lives. It is then a logical step from there to finding new, more productive and rewarding alternatives to automatically reaching for that cigarette. For instance, instead of smoking with your friend, start walking with your friend. In many cases, even making small changes in specific situations, and shaking up old patterns, can make a world of difference to the newly smoke free person.

Can anyone follow the SMOKE FREE IN 30 DAYS programme?

In theory, yes. My comprehensive 30-day programme is simple to follow and flexible enough to accept that what works for one smoker might not work for another. Day-by-day it guides smokers through the entire process of quitting—before, during and after—with actual case studies to illustrate, and lend you support at each stage.


SMOKE FREE IN 30 DAYS provides a comprehensive approach to quitting, combining the most important lessons learned from counselling therapies, along with medication for those who need or want it, recognising that for many smokers using the two techniques together are better than trying either one alone.

Take a look at the book when it comes out in May and, if you follow the programme correctly, you could be smoke free in time for your summer holidays.

Good luck!


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Smoke-Free in 30 Days: The Pain-Free, Permanent Way to Quit
By Daniel F. Seidman, Ph.D., foreword by Mehmet Oz, M.D.
Souvenir Press Ltd, Trade Paperback, May 2010
ISBN-10: 0285638858, ISBN-13: 9780285638853