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Smoke-Free in 30 Days

For anyone who has smoked or has family or friends who smoke, you know that quitting is a challenge. The process can be confusing, overwhelming, and often frustrating.

As the director of the smoking cessation service at Columbia University Medical Center, Dr. Seidman has spent over 20 years helping smokers quit successfully. The program available in Smoke-Free in 30 Days was first presented to smokers outside of his clinic when he appeared as a featured expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show with Dr. Mehmet Oz in early 2008. After the segment, more than 200,000 people downloaded this earlier version of the program, which they called Breathe Easier from the website!

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Now available in the UK

The Book...

  1. Provides a tailored program for a wide variety of smokers to help them overcome the varying obstacles that they face.
  2. Guides smokers through a 30-day program, complete with a day-to-day CALENDAR, which offers smokers step-by-step directions on how to become successful nonsmokers.
  3. Shows how the reasons offered for smoking in early ads and Hollywood movies continue to form a key part of the mythology around smoking addiction.
  4. Offers clear explanations and clarifications on how to use Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) and other medications most effectively. A big problem is that smokers often use NRT incorrectly and have many misconceptions about it. This book provides sound advice on how to get the most mileage from what NRT has to offer. This information is difficult to find in a ready-to-use format in the current marketplace.

The Program...

The Smoke-Free in 30 Days Program recognizes that many smokers have not only become addicted to smoking physically and through behavioral conditioning, but have also become emotionally dependent on smoking. What does this mean? And how is this program different from other approaches? For many smokers, bumps in the road to going smoke-free—also called "relapse triggers"—are their highest hurdles. The most common pattern concerns stress, which can also be thought of as emotional discomfort and negative emotional experiences. This is the number one reason smokers give for smoking and for the resumption of smoking after they quit.

The Smoke-Free in 30 Days program provides proven strategies to prevent relapses, especially those based on a lack of emotional confidence. Smoke-Free in 30 Days focuses on the efforts readers can make, actions they can take, and concrete strategies they can follow to make stopping smoking as easy and successful as possible.

Smoke-Free in 30 Days: The Pain-Free, Permanent Way to Quit
By Daniel F. Seidman, Ph.D., foreword by Mehmet Oz, M.D.
Fireside (Simon & Schuster) Trade Paperback, December 2009
ISBN-10: 1439101116, ISBN-13: 9781439101117